The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact “may seem like a positive step to those who don’t have the time to look at it very closely,” explains CATO adjunct scholar Shirley Svorny, PhD.  She continues, “[t]he compact is being promoted, disingenuously, as addressing license portability and access to interstate telemedicine…. Adding the Compact Commission creates another layer of bureaucracy and costs.”

HB 41, has passed both the Mississippi House and Senate. The Senate tacked on amendments, (including one to stop the board from having regulatory power over nurse practitioners and their collaboration agreements with physicians) so the bill will now move to a conference committee.

Please contact your Mississippi legislators and ask them to OPPOSE HB 41.

Contact Information for House members:

Contact Information for Senators:

Don’t know who your legislators are?  You can find out here:

Other concerns of note:

Additional Resources regarding Compact:

Letter to AZ Senate Rules Committee From AAPS

Testimony Presented to AZ Senate HHS Committee


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